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Sweet Like Honey Bees

Coco Bee is proud to use a combination of simple, earth-based ingredients in our products sourced from small, sustainable suppliers. One of these ingredients is beeswax.

Our beeswax serves as the thickening agent in our creams and comes from Kauai Nectar Co. Beeswax is hydrating and nourishing, reducing moisture loss in the skin, and has an almost immediate soothing effect on skin cracks and fissures. Due to its hydrophobic nature beeswax is naturally water-resistant, which means it helps to keep your sunscreen on your skin while you sweat and swim (you still need to regularly reapply though!).

Kauai Nectar's products are gathered from the lush landscapes of the Garden Isle of Kaua'i and its wild Hawaiian flowers. The female worker bees fly from flower to flower, empowering nature to flourish as they collect nectar to transform into honey.

In Kauai Nectar Co.'s own words, just as the bees live in symbiosis with their habitat, Kauai Nectar's female beekeepers use practices that honor mother nature and her ancient wisdom. They respect the process and harvest from their apiaries with purpose and integrity, preserving the health and happiness of the bees with every choice they make.

Every time you rub Coco Bee into your skin, you are connecting with the legacy of these bees and the passion of the women behind Kauai Nectar Co.

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